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11/06/14 11:17 AM #1    

Sheila Delaney

Sounds great! Will be there and so looking forward to catching up with everyone!!! 


11/06/14 12:34 PM #2    

Scott Blitz

Thank you ladies, the Edgewood boys will join you!

You guys should know.... John Coulter had quadruple bypass surgery this week. He will not be joining us but we should keep him in  our thoughts this weekend. You may remember his Dad died pretty young, (we were sophomores) from a heart attack. Sounds like this was caught before any heart damage.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


11/06/14 08:47 PM #3    

Christine Paradise (Ferrarie)

Thanks Suzanne! Going to try to make it happen!

At least I know I will remember all the Edgewood crew names!

A little scared for the rest!

11/09/14 10:38 AM #4    


Lisa Gutwillig (Fee)


Joretta you did an awesome job! What a great night! Everyone had a blast-so fun to see everyone and catch up.It was even better than the 25th!Well done.....







11/10/14 11:02 AM #5    

Andre Gattyan

Thank you Joretta, Lisa and Rich. I had an amazing time and can't wait for the next one! Really appreciate the effort of keeping this up. Now.......when can we start uploading some pics :)? 



11/11/14 01:58 AM #6    

Melissa Belousoff (McConnell)

Thank you joretta! You went over and beyond this year! It was a blast! Can't wait for the next one!

11/11/14 07:14 AM #7    

Babs Rangaiah

Joretta, Rich, etc...thanks so much for pulling this together..great was great fun seeing everyone..hey, is there a gallery i can post pics?..i promised the baseball boys, some of whom are incredibly not on fb??

11/11/14 06:40 PM #8    

Joretta Evans (Crabbe)

It was so much fun to see everyone and I really appreciate all the nice comments and thank you messages both here and on FB!  I am so glad that everyone had a great time.  I know that I did too.  Jeff Langsam giving the tour of the school was a great start to the weekend and Laughter Yoga with Dana Albert Kaplan was an incredible way to end the Reunion Weekend.  All these events helped to make the entire weekend fun for everyone.  Can't wait until the next one in November of 2019!  A photo gallery will be available by Friday.  I will send you a notification when it is up and running and you should all be able to add your photos to the link.

It's going to be cold this weekend in half of the country, so wear your SHS Alumni hats proudly.  Have a great week and thank you for being such a great and appreciative group.  You made all the hard work worth every minute of it.



11/12/14 07:20 AM #9    

Suzie Edwards (Kelly)

Thank you Joretta! We are so grateful to you for taking on such a big job and bringing us together. We really are a special class. So many happy faces, so much genuine warmth is shared. Good times! Sarah Myers, LOVED the brownies. You have your own website?and who made the baclava? Dee-lish!

11/12/14 05:26 PM #10    

Joretta Evans (Crabbe)

Thank you Suzie!  Sarah does have a website.  Her company name is Sarah Bakes and her website is Her baked goods are out of this world as you could tell by her delicious brownies.  And, Stephanie Hait made the baklava.  Which was also delicious!! So generous of both of them to share their homemade treats with all of us.  Thank you Sarah and Stephanie:)


11/14/14 02:55 PM #11    

Sarah Myers (Altman)

Joretta -- such a phenomenal weekend, thank you for all the work you did!  Wish I could have been there for the tour (thanks, Jeff Langsam) as well.  Laughter Yoga was great and I'm going to try to find a class here, but I can't imagine it being as special as Dana Albert's at Heathcote School (with surprise visitor, Art Resnick!).  I will rock the cold months ahead with my SHS hat -- being with everyone (but yet, not enough time) was the gift, and the hat will just be a great reminder of the special people in our class.  Thanks, Suzy (and others!) who had such nice things to say about the brownies and Stephanie Hait's baklava!!  Til next time ;-)

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